As a brief introduction to the IB course, you will be asked to complete a few small assignments over the summer. This content will give you a very basic background/basis from which to build upon as we begin the first unit (World War One).

You will be using the Oxford Advanced History series book entitled "Germany (1858-1990 Hope, Terror and Revival)" By Alison Kitson. Please be sure to check a book out from me before you leave for the summer.

you will be asked to set up a personal blog related to this course ONLY. You may not share this with other courses (but of course, you can use the same account and share access with your other coursework). If you have any problems doing this, please see me BEFORE you leave for Summer Break!

Once you have your Blog . Email the link to me at and place your name and IB History in the subject line (ex. of your Subject Line if your name is Wally Wiggle: Wally Wiggle IB History). In the body text of the email, place 2 or 3 links. 1) your blog 2) your parent contact email and 3) your second parent contact info email. Next to each parent email, write their name.

Example of the body of your email if your name is Wally Wiggle is:

2) Mom: - Ursula Wiggle
3) Dad: - Dr. Jim Wiggle

Below are attached files with instructions for each of the assignments. Follow them carefully and precisely and post the essay from chapter 1 onto your blog as instructed. These assignments are to provide you with a content intro point from which to begin the year, as well as a show me your ability to understand readings, sources and synthesize information into a clear essay format. I do want you to enjoy your summer. In total, these assignments should take an hour or so each, and a 4th hour to write an essay. 4 hours in 2 and a half months isn't too much to ask.

Failure to follow instructions could result in your loss of credit, and you REALLY wanna start the year off right!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3