You have walked through the details of how to write an Internal Assessment for History and you should all know how to spell check, cite MLA style, and use to help alleviate any now its time to decide on your own topic of further investigation and complete one for the record books!!!

The following is a list of DUE DATES that MUST BE MET. NO EXCUSES!!!

February 15 - TOPIC DUE
April 5th - Preliminary Bibliography - ANNOTATED
May 3rd - Part A: Plan of Investigation and FULL BIBLIOGRAPHY
May 24 - Outline of Parts B & D
June 7 - Draft of Part C: Evaluation of Sources

In Year 12, the Full Draft will be due in the 2nd week of class. The final will be due the first week in October (dates TBA when the school calendar is set).

Here is the IA Guidance pdf file. It has some commentary as well as the examples we looked at in class: