1) Appeasement and Anschluss

2) Using the interview with Hitler here develop (take notes on) points that could be used to support the idea of Appeasement and on ideas that might show it to be a bad thought/policy.

3) Zinn's interpretation of the roots of the Second World War is here. Be sure to take notes on the general thesis and specific support so that you may be able to use this for revision and exam questions (use the chart provided).

4) Video Footage of the German victory parade in Paris 1940. Is nationalism as a cause as strong as/similar to that of World War One? Can you find evidence where any of the other countries involved express the same level of nationalism? Why does Germany seem to stand out?

5) Using this powerpoint and your own research. Consider the impacts/effects of both revisionism and counter-factual history...when are they useful and when are they 'going to far' or 'dangerous.'

7) As a homework exercise, take a look at this film and how it may or may not impact your interpretations of the Second World War. Is this a perspective issue that is valid, or does it relate to our previous discussion of the dangers of revision and counter-factual history...jot your opinions down in bullet point form for next class and be ready to formally discuss.
Stalin Video

8) COnsidering the Stalin Video above, make a clear chart of accomplishments, traits, mistakes and relationships of the leaders of WWII. Use the following links to guide you in choices and information:
Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

10) Various clips of women in WWII and their experiences. It is important to note the variety of different experineces by women from different countries and be able to assess this.

If you are squeamish, do not watch this one...

...and don't forget this one...i cant imbed it, and this one...which is not a video but an excellent British perspective/overview of experiences!

11) As a follow up, consider doing this independent research project. Choose one of the famous women from this websitewho is NOT Marline Dietrich and compare the experiences with that of Marlene Dietrich. Interesting stuff.
*You can also do independent research into the 'spy women' of the UK!
As we can see, Women in general had a much more varied and expansive roll in this war and the effects or such experiences are also just as wide ranging.