1) Yippeeee! A quick review of WWI for us to play. get into it, fight for grades and my respect! and be sure to use it to remember where we last left off in WWI!

Click here for full screen version

2) Two simple videos which outline the Paris Peace conference including aims of the participants, decisions made and effects. Use this in conjunction with your background reading to gain a holistic understanding of the complexity of the event.

3) Links to English transcripts for many of the treaties at the Paris Peace Conference to be used for your presentations (except the Treaty of Riga) can be found here , The Treaty of Riga was written in Polish, so you will have to use this summary. A template for the powerpoint presentation you will construct using this treaty, and a place for you to post your sildeshow are here

4) A nice podcast summary of this issue related to new countries in Europe and reasons for their creation...etc can be found here. It is also a nice intro into our next class discussion of the aims, successes and failures of the Treaty of Versailles thanks to the BBC.
This video compelments the ideas, albeit in a very basic manner.

5) Use this site to complete this chart . Use the ideas as a background to give you a starting point for the variety of opinions of the time related to the Versailles Treaty. When finished, listen to this podcast (Dealing with positive and negative views of the time) OR this podcast (dealing more with the opinions and aims of the participants at the conference) to find any added information to finish out your chart.

6) Using your pre-WWI map (yes, you have one, you colored it, it is on the back of a sarcastic article by "The Onion" about the outbreak and causes of WWI) make a comparison of the postwar map here by answering the question on this worksheet. You can also use this map for some of the exercise, it is easier , and it is clicky, but it is less detailed.

7) Using this chapter on the Anglo American Guarantee, take notes on the aims and wants of Great Britain, France, and The United States during the era. Be ready to discuss you opinions and display an overall understanding of the Anglo American Guarantee. Be careful, though, the link is to the full book, but you only need to read the chapter entitled The Anglo American Guarantee.

8) Read through the slides in this video and take notes to gain a more clear understanding of the problem of war reparations in post-war Germany, the challenge of hyperinflation, and the effects of many of the decisions made in the era (French control of the Rhur, for example).

9) Documentation of Japan's decision to leave the League of Nations. Read and consider the arguments (outline Japan's position) and decide for yourself if they are appropriately justifying their actions. Think about the language as well and if it is appropriate for the setting. Does Japan act responsibly in order to aid her own population?

10) Responses to Japanese Invasion activity is here

11) The Lytton Report Transcript is here
Complete the Chart in this word document as you read the Lytton Report

12) Video of the origins and results of the invasion of Manchuria and the "Rape of Nanking" - It is a long documentary, but well worth it. there is even a part two that deals directly with the humanity and mass killings and rapes, but you would need to be 18 according to you tube because it is flagged and therefore NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!!

13) Haile Selassie's appeal to the League of Nations is here.
Read through it in similar fashion to the way you read the article on Japan's exit from the League. Consider Selassie's language and rationale. Are they appropriate and justified? Consider what you know of the League of Nations. Can they act upon Selassie's appeal fully? What can they do?
***For a little extra background on Haile Selassie, click here

14) This powerpoint summarizes/maps out Hitler's Rise to power and rearmament. Although you may look at previous slides, we will begin with slide 8. You will need to look over and analyze the sources for homework.

14) Visit this website and pay close attention to the political cartoons. Be sure you can analyze them by providing two points of meaning that are supported by specific evidence.

15) Use these presentations as review for the era and consideration as to why the Interwar Period is also cause for a Second World War.

16) Britannica Page has many links to information that can be used to help you review for exams and IB source tests in the unit. Click here