1) Intro Footage into WWI. Consider how the war was fought, and how the faces and attitudes of the participants develop over time.

2) Consider the idea of Jingoism overall and have a look at the claims made in this website:

3) Consider and comment on this outline of historiography. What is your opinion on the unique approach/perspectives? Make a table which outlines the four points of view and after providing all support, give an opinion on which you think to be most convincing. be able to discuss why tomorrow.

4) Using our discussion from class, take a look at these postcards from the era and read the text provided to gain some insight into a few other countries that entered the war. Use them to continue makeing a list or map of sides in the war.

5) Now that we have discussed real and auspicous reasons for war, consider this bit of revisionist history from Dr. Howard Zinn's book "A People's History of the United States." How does this add to the discussion and what reasons (both real and auspicious) does it provide for U.S. entrance into "The Great War?" As you read, be sure to take note of key terms, events and people as always by stating their definition and historical context.

6) A climactic scene from the firs official battle in the Arab campaign of Lawrence of Arabia (from the 1962 Academy Award winning film). In it you can see some of the military and cultural issues faced by the Bedoins and English in the campaign. If you have time, i suggest you watch the whole film, but it is an epic 226 minutes!

7) For more info and review, here is an excellent interactive timeline to consult:
and an interactive website divided by theme:

8) A full map video on youtube that is very descript and clearly shows the onset, alliances, battles and ending of world war on on a map of Europe: